Who We Are

Nexotin is an online marketplace where students shop from vendors with student tailored products and recieve in no time on tertiary campuses across Ghana.

Nexotin solves the challenges students face in finding, comparing, shopping and transporting products that they need for studies and general school life.


Our Story

Nexotin started in January of 2019 when two student co-founders  Hillarious & Daniel started learning website design after few years of being graphic designers on University Of Ghana campus, Lagon.

Quickly there was a urge to do something more than website design, so we decided to solve everyday problem we face as students each time we want to buy anything. We figured out to build a system that would reduce the hours we spend searching, comparing, and trasporting items to just within a few munites to help avoid the hussle and save us time forstudies and other important things.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continuously make shopping easier, faster and convenient for every student using the best technology in Ghana, West Africa and beyond.

The Platform

We’ve put a lot of thought in giving you the best possible experience to make your shopping very easy.
With our 24/7 hour support we are ready to attend to your needs and compliants to help us make shopping experience easier, fast and convenient.
Our products are well presented in pictures and description

Contact Us

Call us  +233 595 012 919, or Email info@nexotin.com