Continuing from where we left off last week (7 Things You Should Consider Gifting A Friend), let’s have a look at some other suggestions in the birthday gift guide, and then we’d wrap up.

  1. Customised Jersey

This is definitely a great gift for the football fanatics. Jerseys, especially customised ones, have become one of the most common and cherished gifts among students. You’re more likely to know the team that your friend supports, so on their birthdays, you should consider getting them a jersey of their favourite team. You could even go the extra mile by getting it customised with their name, nickname or any name that they’re popular called.

  1. 2. Heels

Heels are just really a perfect gift for ladies. You could just attach a dress to make a complete outfit for their birthday dinner or lunch. Don’t forget to pay attention to the inches of the heels. If you’re not very sure of what they may like, you could go in for a shorter one, because they can definitely wear them for any occasion and still feel comfortable. If it’s too long and they’ll feel uncomfortable in them, that’s when they’ll have no need of your gift.

3.  Perfume

Some people are just really obsessed with perfumes, and they’re very conversant with perfume brands. For such people, you already know what to do. Just get them a perfume from one of their favourite brands. However, if you’re not sure whether your person is a perfume lover, you could still get them one, because why not? Who wouldn’t want to smell good?

4. Phone

Who’d reject a new phone on a regular day, thoughtless of a birthday! A new phone from a trusted and well-known brand would definitely make your person’s day. Imagine the expression on you friend’s birthday when you gift them a phone from Apple, Samsung, or Google, just to mention a few. So, yeah, a phone is a yes, provided you can afford a very good one.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all birthday gift guide. It’s just to guide you, and also to give you some gift suggestions you can get your friends. You can also take one of these and add other lovely items to it.

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