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Two tertiary students identified a problem, came up with a solution, and now we have Nexotin—a tertiary online shop. “But there are other online shops”. You’re right, and we’re aware, but let’s see what Nexotin has to offer it’s customers and prospective customers. Ready?

We know school can get stressful, and tight, such that you barely have time to do other things like going outside campus to shop, or getting some items during emergencies. Nexotin understands this problem to the core, and has the students’ needs at heart. So we know what is needed, and we’re offering you just that—the best.

We’re here to take this extra load off your neck, so you can get time for school work and extracurricular activities. Instead of going to shops and spending long hours outside campus, we’ve brought them closer to you—online. All you need to do is pick up your device (phone, tablet, PC), go to navigate through the tabs, order and get your product delivered to you. It might be similar to other e-commerce sites, but the difference here is that you, the tertiary resident on campus, is our target. So, we optimize our system for tertiary students.

Some of the benefits of shopping with Nexotin includes quick delivery (that is, same day or at most, next day delivery). We’re able to do this so quickly because we work with local vendors, and delivery services across the country. Our products are quality, yet very affordable. You can get items ranging from books and stationery, women and men’s apparel, sneakers, phones and accessories, watches, jerseys, beauty and personal care, slippers, sandals, and many more. You can also create a customer account, which makes the checkout process very easy when making a purchase.

One last thing, with Nexotin, you also have the opportunity to create a vendor account on our e-commerce site if you sell products, and you get to operate and run things from your end. This is just one step of taking your business to the next level (especially if you don’t have an e-commerce site yet), and students across the country can easily find you. This means more customers and sales.

Nexotin has been in operation for more than a year, and students who have shopped with us have given great testimonials.

Summing Up
If you’re a tertiary student and you’re looking for an online shop to get those products within the shortest possible time, then Nexotin should be your go-to. Go check out our e-commerce site now at, and get you some goods! Don’t forget to create a vendor account if you own a business.

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