It’s sometimes draining, and time-consuming to find a suitable gift for your loved ones on occasions like birthdays. Sometimes, people just give up on the search because they really and genuinely do not know what to get. They just suck at the gift buying thing. Some of the issues encountered include finding trusted brands, quality and durable products, among others. The price is also another factor to consider .However, there’s always a way out. If you know what the person likes, then part of the work has already been settled. Meanwhile, if you’re clueless about what the person might like, you could really make use of this gift guide.

Wrist watch

Naturally, there are people who do not like to leave their wrists bare. They’re either in watches or bracelets or both. For such people, a wrist watch is definitely an ideal gift. So, if your friend hasn’t explicitly told you about their love for watches and bracelets, but you’ve noticed this about them, don’t hesitate getting them a wrist watch. Nevertheless, a watch is still a great gift for anyone else, regardless of their love for bracelets or watches. You should consider getting a friend one.


Some people just love to read, so buying them a book would definitely make their day. You just have to consider the genres you know they would like. Aside the book-lovers, you could still gift a book to a friend who’s not so enthused about reading. Here’s what you should consider: the content and purpose of the book. Let’s say you want your friend to gain more knowledge in areas like business, science, finance, relationships, and you know or have heard of some books that serve these purposes. Just get one for them! Even if they read a page or chapter a day, that’s okay. You might be surprised to find out that they’ll begin to embrace reading just because you gifted them a book.


Sneakers! Certainly, a perfect gift for that sneaker freak. You could gift them the latest sneaker from one of the brands they really love. If you’re not really sure whether the person would like sneakers or not, you could take a look at some of the activities they like to indulge in or places they like to visit. Say partying, going to the beach, or gym. This is because some people would not like to wear sneakers on a daily basis (for example, for lectures), but they may prefer to rock them for an outing or an event that requires them to put them on.

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