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The festive season is fast approaching and most stores will be running holiday sales. Some have even started their sales, and others are just running ads to create awareness. The economy is “hard” but you could still get yourself good holiday deals if you plan ahead of time. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve missed the sales that have already passed. For now, let’s just get you ready for the upcoming ones. Here are a few tips:

Make a wish list and research

Simply write down the things you’d like to buy for yourself and/or loved ones, and begin your holiday sales search (online or in-store). If you know the shops you’d like to buy from, you can just go to their websites and social media platforms and begin your search there. But if you don’t, a simple Google search about holiday sales will give you a list to choose from.

Looking at the spike in fuel prices and transport fares, we’d advise you to opt for online so you can save some money. Remember this is just research and not the purchase itself so you really don’t have to be there in person.

Study the ads and find the best deals

Since you have a list of items and probably shops, now you can go ahead with studying ads to find the best deals. You can use Google to search for unknown shops. For the known, use social media and websites for the shops you already know and would want to buy from.

When you find the deals that suit your needs, bookmark those pages so it’ll be easier to return to when the time is due. You won’t have to start a whole new google search again.

Know the stores inside out

Do well to browse e-commerce platforms and know all the corners of the shop. Get yourself acquainted with where to find the products, how to add products to your wishlist and cart, how to place an order and check out, and even how shipping and delivery are done.

That way, you won’t struggle to find items and where to put them or what to do regarding your order on the sales day.

Set your budget now

Now that you have a wish list, and you probably have an idea of what some shops have to offer, you can now prepare your budget for the festive season sales. You can make room for emergency expenses. However, determine how much you want to spend on all items and try to stay within your budget.

This might also mean you’d have to avoid impulse buying during the sales day. Unless it’s something you forgot to add or that you need.

Start shopping the early sales now

Some companies have already started their holiday sales, for instance, early Black Friday sales. So you can begin with those.

That way, you’re sure to get your products just in time for the season, because shipping and delivery will usually delay during the sales period.

Pro Tip: If you’re not shipping the early sales now, then you need to plan for shipping delay

So, yeah! That’s it for holiday sales prep. Go ye therefore and prepare for the szn!

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