Men Casio Touch Watch

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you urgently needed to adjust your wrist watch band? Say, you bought a Casio touch watch with a metal bracelet or a mesh strap and your wrists are smaller. Meanwhile, you need to go somewhere and you can’t get in touch with a professional to get it adjusted.

What do you do? No need to worry or get nervous. This is because most Casio touch watches have straps without links and pins. Due to this, you can resize them on your own. It’s very simple and you can even do it in your room.

Here’s a simple DIY inspiration for you.

  1. Lets go;
    1. Put the watch on and identify/mark the part of the bracelet that fits your wrist
    2. Remove the watch and locate the arrow pointing towards the small rectangular hole on the clasp
    3. Put a pointed object (knife, fork, etc) in the hole and lift that area up
    4. Move or slide the clasp to the part you identified
    5. Gently hit or press the raised area (latch) with the arrow
    6. Then voilà! Your watch has been resized
    7. Put it on to check if it fits. Repeat the process if you want to readjust.

Easy right? All you need is a pointed object. You could even do without it sometimes.

Even though this guide is specifically for adjusting Casio touch watches, you could still apply it to other Casio watches, as well as watches from other brands with bracelets similar to the one displayed above. That is, watches with bands that do not require you to remove links while resizing. Some examples include the Casio watch with the wire mesh band and the classic DW watch with the mesh strap below.

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