101 Best Businesses to Start Book


101 Best Businesses to Start Book

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A rescue manual for those who dream of becoming their own boss, 101 Best Business to Start has established itself as a premier resource for facts and inspiration. Now completely revised to include cutting-edge and newly emerging industries that weren’t even imagined just a few years ago, including Web services, Internet marketing consultation, juice bars, and personal training, this step-by-step guide offers crucial details for anyone trying to evaluate the myriad start-up opportunities.

Featuring practical advice and inspiring success stories, 101 Best Businesses to Start provides all of the essentials, including start-up costs, annual projected revenues, staffing information, break-even timelines, and tax information. Start-up quizzes and in-depth discussions help readers decide which business will be the best match for them. Showing the way for a new generation of start-ups, this is a one-of-a-kind guide and category leader.

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