When you hear “refurbished phones”, what comes to mind? Fake? Low quality? Second hand? Well, if you say second hand, we may consider and give you some points because you’re quite close. Just have it in mind that it’s not the regular kind of second hand. First, let’s look at what the term refurbished means, then we can move to refurbished phones.

The word “refurbish” could also mean revamp, brighten up, or renovate. So, we can simply say moulding old into new, or adding touches to make something better than it was before (whether new or old). Now, let’s apply it to phones. As we said early on, refurbished phones are not the usual kind of second hand phones. What then are they?

Let’s look at this scenario: say, you bought a new phone and used it for sometime, or you did not even use it. However, you found it faulty. So what do you do? You return it to the manufacturer or where you bought the phone. They then fix the fault, and do additional touch ups, like changing the screen, battery, frame, or any other part that needs to be fixed. The refurbished phone is then resold with full warranty as a new one.

Simply put, refurbished phones are phones (slightly used or new) that have been revamped and are later resold, often with warranty.

Right! So that’s it. This is what refurbished phones are all about. Feel free to get yourself a refurbished phone, but make sure it’s warranted for at least a year.

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